A man was blasted online after he revealed he asked his wife to quit her career so she can stay home and take care of their two kids.

"Me and my wife have been married for the past four years and have been blessed with two sons. Recently my wife has been complaining about the difficulty of her job more and the amount of work she has to put in following a workday. I work about 50-60 hours a week whereas she works 40 hours a week and I have tried to increase the amount of home work I do over the weekends lately," he began on Reddit.

The man added that they send their children to daycare, which "costs a pretty big chunk of our budget and is more or less 70-80 percent of her income per month."

"I make enough for all of us to be more or less in the same financial situation with a few more overtime hours a week if she quits her job. And since she has been complaining recently, when she started venting yesterday I told her she might as well quit and just take care of the boys, and I'd bump up a few hours since it's pretty much the same type of work (she works in social care)," he continued.

However, his wife became upset, and told him that he's "minimizing her work and just not focusing on the real problem."

"I've tried to talk with her about why she doesn't want to just quit if she keeps whining about the job in the first place, but haven't had much success today," he concluded.

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Users roasted the man in the comments section.

"Are you aware that she will find it hard to ever get back into the workforce if she decides to stay home with the kids? Are you comfortable with signing a post-nuptial agreement entitling her to half your assets and which allocates a portion of money for her usage each month? You're asking her to give up her autonomy and rely solely on you," one user wrote.

"You are absolutely minimizing her job. She likely loves her job. She likely chose it and trained for it as her career. Complaining about it doesn't mean she hates it ... You're basically saying that if she doesn't love every aspect of her job, that she should just give up on her career and become a SAHM, which frankly sounds like something she would enjoy even less then her current position," another chimed in.

"Why is it 'her' income that pays for childcare? Why is it not 50/50 from both of you? This really annoys the crap out of me when men say this and then try to use it as justification for their partner to be dependent on them. You don't seem to understand the importance of having a job and earning your own money," someone else commented.

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