Brad Simpson of the Vamps is proving that just because a guy is a member of a popular, hit-making boy band doesn’t mean that he isn’t a true artist! In Brad’s latest creative endeavor, he turned to YouTube to share a cover of George Ezra’s mid-tempo single ‘Budapest.’

Not only does Brad nail the vocals — he sounds amazing, honestly — but he also whipped out his guitar to play the chords. The 18-year-old showcases how musically gifted he actually is with nothing but his voice and a guitar (and a very nice floral tapestry in the background).

The stripped down performance slows down the original and makes it feel a little more wistful, and the new sound is fantastic. If you’re a fan of George Ezra's version, or even just a fan of Brad, you’ll love this cover!

We could gush on and on about his voice and talents (and muscles — check out those guns!), but really, you need to experience this for yourself.

Check out Brad’s cover of ‘Budapest’ up above!

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