Just like the rest of the world, it looks like the Vamps are still hung up on the fact that Zayn Malik is no longer a part of One Direction. While there is no way to properly communicate or express our feelings in regards to the fact that we will never hear Zayn's "You & I" glory note live again, we feel better in knowing that we are not alone in this terrible, garbage world.

During a visit to BBC's Radio 1, the guys decided to perform a reworking of their song "Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)," with the lyrics switched out to reference Zayn and One Direction. We wish there were an official version of this version of "Cecilia," because the lyrics are truly spot on. We have no idea who actually wrote these lyrics  -- be it the Vamps themselves, an intern at Radio 1 or a Tumblr user who is still very sad -- but they are nothing if not painfully accurate.

From a subtle jab at Zayn's new BFF-slash-instigator-slash-successful-producer-in-his-own-right-but-whatever, Naughty Boy ("You did the high notes / You were my favorite / Your hair was sexy / I loved it / But then you left us / Like a naughty boy") to his fiancee, Perrie Edwards ("Now everybody knows / You won't be at their shows / Instead you'll be kissing Perrie") and even to that demo that Naughty Boy dropped a few weeks ago ("I know you've had a stressful time and want normality / But that new track that was online really excited me").

Many thanks to the Vamps for giving us a reason to laugh in between our continued bouts of crying over Zayn. Check out the video above!

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