We all knew this day was coming, but the expectation of heartbreak doesn't soften the blow. Zayn Malik -- formerly of One Direction, currently the most beautiful person on Earth -- finally removed the 1D moniker from his Twitter name, as well as his entire biography on the micro-blogging site. "Spaces" plays on repeat in the background of everything we do, forevermore.

Zayn, an amateur philosopher, also tweeted fans today, writing the following, "Is speech an extension to our thoughts or an image that we like to create x." Speech is not an image, because it cannot be physically seen, but perhaps that's the point Zayn is trying to make. Image is constructed, after all. When we talk to one another, is it truly communication from the innermost depths of our brains? Or is it merely the projection of an image we create in an attempt to be seen? How much control do we really have over the way others perceive us? Do we even recognize the power that comes from speech? How conscious is any of this? Further, have you ever felt the disconnect between that which you say and that which you mean? That you simply cannot verbalize or articulate your thoughts in a way that is sufficient? Speaking is a form of translation, after all. From the head and the heart to the vocal chords and out -- but how often do you really get the point across properly? Thanks Zayn, we have so much to think about.

We appreciate Zayn's tweet as a form of distraction, because the fact that he really did get rid of the 1D after his name makes his departure from the band that much more final, and we're not about to lie: it stings just as much the second time around.

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