The Vamps upset Fifth Harmony and their fans when a quote from one of their recent interviews regarding 5H's Lauren Jauregui made its way online. To recap quickly: When an interviewer asked Brad about his rumored relationship with Lauren, the rest of the Vamps jumped in. James said, "I haven't dated her for a while," while Tristan said, "I was April to December," with James finishing, "We've all had a bit of a go."

Apparently, James caught wind of the upset (#LaurenIsOurPrincess, #LaurenDefenseSquad and way more hashtags defending the 'Sledgehammer' singer were trending on Twitter, so it was impossible to ignore) and responded via Twitter, suggesting their comments were totally misconstrued. He said, "Ouchieeeee. Totally misinterpreted there folks... I'm sorry if people have been offended. I was joking that we all think that the band were all attractive, and we tried to flirt at the start. I failed, clearly. I mean we all 'had a go' at flirting."

He tweeted again, about Fifth Harmony in general, saying, "I love Fifth Harmony, always have, always will." So far, James is the only member of the band who has responded to the backlash.

What do you guys think of James' response? Was it just a misunderstanding, or is he trying to save face?

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