Super cute singer and guitarist Brad, of the Vamps fame, posted a video of himself performing a cover of the iconic 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen. When the Vamps were in New York City recently, they decided to shoot some footage around town and put together a video for the cover.

Shot totally in greyscale, the video does a fantastic job matching the sorrowful tone of the song. We see Brad performing the song alone in a room, accompanied only by an electric guitar and his totally stellar vocals.

Interspersed with video footage of Brad are different shots of New York City. From Central Park to Chinatown and even what appears to be the Staten Island Ferry, we see the city through their perspective. The video even manages to make Times Square — a totally hectic, chaotic place seldom ventured into by a native New Yorker least not by choice — look like a totally inviting place. It almost looks like a love letter to the city, despite the sad nature of the song, which is something we seriously appreciate.

Check out Brad's cover above! Do you guys totally love it as much as we do? Does it make you want to visit New York City? Let us know!

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