Brandy has reportedly been ordered to pay an additional $31,000 to her ex-housekeeper following an alleged age discrimination lawsuit.

In March 2022, Brandy's former housekeeper, 60-year-old Maria Elizabeth Castaneda, sued the R&B singer for wrongful termination to the tune of $250,000 after she alleged she was fired due to her age.

According to Radar Online, in late 2022 the singer reportedly reached a settlement in which she agreed to pay Castaneda around $40,000.

Castaneda also asked for $87,000 toward her legal fees, which Brandy's lawyer called "frankly astounding, excessive, unreasonable, and entirely unsupported" at the time.

However, a judge recently ordered Brandy to pay an additional $31,000 toward the woman's legal fees.

Reportedly, the order read:

[Castaneda] asserts that [Brandy’s] star status warrants a boost in the fee award. The Court is not convinced. Indeed, it may be that an early settlement pegged to the level of [Castaneda’s] wage loss was available early in the case because a celebrity like [Brandy] would want to end an unflattering lawsuit rapidly to keep it out of the public eye.

According to People, in 2022 Castaneda claimed that Brandy fired her for being too old, despite working for the singer since 2002.

Castaneda said she was paid $125 per day for cooking, cleaning and laundry services at Brandy's Calabasas, Calif., home.

The former housekeeper alleged that Brandy broke California labor laws, including failing to pay minimum wage, failing to provide proper breaks and more.

Castaneda said she was "not permitted to take an uninterrupted 10-minute rest break in the morning and an uninterrupted 10-minute rest break in the afternoon, nor was [Castaneda] permitted to take an uninterrupted 30-minute meal rest break."

She claimed that she was still owed payment when she was fired.

Notably, Brandy was sued by a fashion designer and store owner in January 2022 after allegedly failing to return a ring she wore to the American Music Awards, People reports.

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