A man on Reddit walked out of his sister's wedding after she lied about it being child-free so that he wouldn't bring his amputee son to the event.

"She told me that the wedding was child-free, which I understand, so I asked my best friend if there was any way he could watch my son, and he agreed," the man wrote in a Reddit post on the site's "Am I the A--hole" sub-forum.

"I arrived at the wedding and found that it was not child-free. There were probably 15 children there. I was confused, but I didn't want to make a scene, so I waited until my sister came over to me, and I asked her what the deal was," he continued.

What his sister confessed broke his heart, and he doesn't "know how [he] can look at her the same way again."

"She confessed that my [12-year-old] son was excluded because he has an amputated leg. She said that it would draw attention to him at the wedding. I almost lost it. I could understand if he was going to be disruptive or something, but because of that????" he wrote.

The man immediately left the wedding and went home after hearing her hurtful confession. "When I got home, my son asked me why I was back so early, so I made up some excuse and then spent the rest of the day having fun with him because it was the only thing keeping me sane," he continued.

However, after the wedding, "dozens" of people messaged him claiming he ruined the entire event by walking out. "I honestly don't care right now. I'm a mess. I'm a single dad, so I don't have someone to help me right now," he explained, noting that the messages from his family members have caused him to wonder if he was in the wrong.

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Readers in the comments section were horrified, calling the bride "awful" and "selfish."

"Holy s--t... what was your sister even thinking? That you suddenly would not notice that 15 other children were there? Did she exclude every other person with visible disabilities because they might take attention away from her on her precious day? What she did was just plain cruel," one person commented.

"Her crying is her guilt, nothing more, nothing less. She ruined not only her wedding day but any respect I guess you had for her," someone else wrote.

"Your sister started crying because SHE KNOWS she's a miserable, self-absorbed witch for excluding her NEPHEW," another shared.

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