The world is still reeling from the loss of Robin Williams and the star's peers are continuing to honor his life. The latest tribute was from the cast of Broadway's 'Aladdin,' who included Tuesday's (Aug. 12) audience in their gesture.

Following that night's performance of 'Aladdin,' James Iglehart -- who won a Tony for his role as the Genie -- spoke directly to the audience.

"Yesterday we lost one of the greatest -- not comedians -- but entertainers of all time, " Iglehart said, adding, "So we're only going to do this once because we don't want to drag something on because first and foremost, we want to give our hearts and our prayers and our thoughts to his family because he's a husband and a father first, entertainer second."

The actor, backed by the rest of the 'Aladdin' cast, led the audience in a sing-along to 'Friend Like Me,' Williams' standout song from the 1992 animated movie. Both movie fans and Disney fans recognize the comedian for his inimitable role as the Genie in the film.

You can watch the 'Aladdin' cast's tribute above and relive Robin Williams' incredible performance of 'Friend Like Me' in the video below.