Bruce Jenner could reportedly face manslaughter charges in the fatal car accident that he was involved in earlier this month.

As we previously reported, police have obtained crucial video evidence of the crash. Now, TMZ claims that the video -- which was caught by an MTA bus -- shows Jenner's vehicle hitting the Lexus in front of him, which then spun out onto oncoming traffic. The driver of the Lexus was killed when the vehicle was struck by an oncoming Hummer. After Jenner's car hit the Lexus, it continued on to strike the Prius in front of the Lexus.

The video also reportedly proves that the Lexus never made contact with the Prius that was in front of it. TMZ reports that since it was Jenner's car that hit the Lexus -- and not the Lexus hitting the Prius in front of it before Jenner's vehicle struck the Lexus -- it may imply that Jenner was following too close to the Lexus. The site claims that this "opens up the door" to the possibility that the reality star may face vehicular manslaughter charges.

"Accident reconstruction experts" Integral Media Works created a re-creation video of the accident, which you can see in the video below. TMZ reports that this video is not based on the actual bus footage of the accident and does not take into account any braking by Jenner or the other cars, which could also be an important factor in the case.