Bruce Jenner will be on the cover Vanity Fair as "Her" this summer.

Both People and TMZ reported that this will not only reveal Bruce's transition from male to female, but the photo will be taken by well-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz has been known for taking a number of iconic photographs including Demi Moore when she was pregnant, Whoopi Goldberg lying in a milk bath and the more recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast for the magazine's June cover.

This photo shoot and article will be the first one that Jenner has done since revealing that he was a woman to Diane Sawyer on ABC 20/20 in April. During that interview, it was also revealed that he would be out in public less as Bruce and more as the one he refers to as "Her." While he didn't tell Sawyer his name as a woman, we're sure that it will all be made clear in Vanity Fair.

Since Jenner's reveal, his family, both the Kardashian family and Jenner children as well as his ex-wives, have all come out in support for the former Olympian, motivational speaker and reality TV star. And many celebrities from Lady Gaga to Sam Smith have expressed their support for revealing that he is transgender and his plans to transition.

Jenner will chronicle and share his new life in an eight-part documentary series that will premiere on July 26 at 9PM ET on E!.