Bruno Mars promises to "keep it real" and admits he's no role model during a brief interview with GQ magazine.

The 25 year-old soulful pop singer from Hawaii -- who recently pleaded guilty to cocaine possession at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas -- semi-defends his behavior by explaining "I'm a f---ing musician!" but adds, "I've learned people are watching, so [I] don't do nothing stupid!"

The article comes along with a photo spread of the always stylish, frequently hatted co-writer of Cee Lo Green's smash hit 'F--- You,' and a candid self-assessment of  his basketball skills. "My jump shot sucks," reveals Mars, explaining one more reason why he's eager to make the most of his newfound success in the music business.

'The Lazy Song' singer is getting ready to launch his Hooligans in Wondaland Tour alongside his Grammy performance partner Janelle Monae, which kicks off May 4 in New York.

Check out the whole GQ interview and photo spread here.

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