Once upon a pre-social media time, fan names were typically reserved for the devoted followers of iconic rock bands like the Grateful Dead (Deadheads) and Kiss (KISS Army), while the term "groupie" broadly applied to music fanatics who would literally follow an act from city to city.

Then, the '80s and '90s gave rise to snail mail-based fan clubs, where fans of an artist or group could pay a membership fee to receive official, exclusive merchandise, like badges, T-shirts and special newsletters. These days, however, fandoms have largely moved online, mobilized by social media and the ability to connect in a direct, personalized way with their idols on sites like Twitter.

The rise of cyber-based fan communities in the 21st century has also brought with it an explosion of individualized fan names, with diehard supporters of artists from Justin Bieber to Hayley Kiyoko taking on the mantle of their faves—in this case, Beliebers and Kiyokians, respectively.

These days, fans of almost every single pop artist or band have a name they call themselves. But just what are Mariah Carey's fans called? Or Britney Spears' fans? Or Fifth Harmony's fans?

Below, check out a list of fan names—from the ultra-creative to the super-cringey—for dozens of popular artists and groups. Which do you fall into?

Music Fandom Names

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