The irony of Bruno Mars' new single, 'Locked Out of Heaven,' is that it's actually about activities that likely occur pretty far south of there. The track is an ode to the bedroom prowess of Mars' lady, who, based on the single art, looks to be made for sin.

The song is Mars' first off of 'Unorthodox Jukebox' (due Dec. 11), and it's a far cry from the romantic, inspirational borderline-schmaltz that usually lands him atop the charts. His latest offering will likely freak out the 'Twilight' fans who went nuts for his lovelorn ballad 'It Will Rain.' However, that doesn't mean 'Locked Out of Heaven' isn't good.

Like 'Just the Way You Are,' Bruno loves this particular lady just the way she is, but don't think for one second that he's reassuring her of her beauty -- he more seems into loving what she does, if you get our drift. The sexy track has a vintage rock n' roll feel with its "unh!" refrain, and it has a raunchy yet subtle attitude to match, as Mars sings, "Your sex takes me to paradise" just before the hook. The chorus is simple: "You make me feel like I'm locked out of heaven for too long," Mars repeats. Sounds like someone's not giving it up!

'Locked Out of Heaven' is Bruno Mars meets the Kinks meets, well kink. "I'm born again every time you spend the night," Mars insists. Still, he's classy enough not to get graphic or vulgar -- because he just doesn't need to. Still, with a voice like his, even the sleaziest, skeeviest lines somehow sound smooth. Well played, Bruno. Well played.


Listen to Bruno Mars, 'Locked Out of Heaven'

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