Today, Bruno Mars doesn't feel like doing much of anything ... Except maybe choreographing a few dance moves in his bedroom with five primate friends wearing shades. In his hilarious new video for 'The Lazy Song,' Mars flips on his webcam, sticks his hand in his pants, and shuts out the world.

No special effects were needed for this one  -- just a nickel's worth of monkey masks and half a dozen sunglasses. It even seems to have been shot all in one take! Watch as Mr. Mars goes bananas with his ape friends, dances around the room in his underwear, and threatens to give it to the ladies monkey style -- all while keeping a straight face.

We love Bruno Mars' carefree attitude about his Thursday, and we share the sentiment -- and it must be nice to have a few monkeys around to eat the bugs out of your hair. Our only question is: Does the 'Just the Way You Are' singer think he looks like a monkey? In any case, we dig the pink boxers, Mars!

Watch the Bruno Mars, 'The Lazy Song' Video