The global BTS A.R.M.Y. ain't nothing to mess with: just look at the South Korean boy band's history-making win at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards for evidence of their tireless devotion and seemingly endless capacity to tweet.

But now that the Billboard ceremony is over, it seems as though fans of the "Not Today" troupe have set their sights on a new North American mission: this year's MTV Video Music Awards, to be exact.

Ahead of the awards ceremony this year, which airs live on August 27, the A.R.M.Y. is working on getting #BTSforVMAs worldwide on Twitter to show that the thirst for the "Spring Day" K-pop group to show off their skills live onstage is real — or, at the very least, to rack up some nominations for their dazzling visuals.

Fans are using the hashtag to share their favorite BTS videos, photos and live performances to prove their immense popularity — and, of course, to plead for their boys to bring themselves back to America later this year. Hey, anything could happen.

Until then, watch what the boys can do at an awards show below.

BTS at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards: