Since 'Good Time' is the ultimate summer song for 2012 so far, it only makes sense that Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City's Adam Young would have a say in the ultimate songs for fun in the sun.

MTV caught up with the pair on the set of their 'Good Time' video to get their opinions on the best summertime songs.

Jepsen digs a real beach gal's tunes. "Colbie Caillat, I'm thinking," Jepsen said. "'Bubbly,' that one's good." Indeed, most of Caillat's vids are even shot on the shorelines, so we think she made a good choice.

"There's this band called Further Seems Forever and they have this video 'Snowbirds and Townies,' and it's as summery as you can get," Young told MTV. "There's like a pier ... the ocean, there's a really nice car in that video." What more do you need in the summer besides the water and a hot ride?!

So what can we expect about the visuals for their own summertime tune? "I would say it's fun, it's carefree and it's ... I love it, spontaneous," Jepsen giggled, after getting some assistance from Young. As for Young, he kept it mysterious. "My three words, they're a little bit intense," Young said, "but I would say, it's really hot."

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen + Owl City Talk About 'Good Time'

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