Remember Casey Abrams? On Season 10 of 'American Idol,' he scatted. He sang in a raspy and unrefined, yet still likeable voice and earned the season's sole save from the judges.

Now the Seth Rogen look-alike goes pop in his new single 'Get Out' (from his self-titled, Concord Music debut, which drops June 26). The verdict? We really like it.

On 'Get Out,' Abrams is singing over an acoustic riff and handclaps. It's totally different than the Casey we remember when he was up against the likes of Scotty McCreery and Pia Toscano, covering Nirvana songs in all his scruffy glory. He has cleaned up nice, and his music -- at least on this track -- has been buffed and polished to a blinding sheen.

The song has that easy, breezy, top down, summer weather energy. While it's far removed from his work on 'Idol,' there's a certain level of charm in Abrams' delivery and style. He's showing off a softer side that doesn't feel forced or manufactured, although we do wonder if someone on his management or A&R team steered the singer in this direction, given the fact that it doesn't sound like a direction Abrams would've chosen for himself, given our previous experience with his music.

There's still little bit of edge in the lyrics, since he's signing "Get out of my heart" to a loved one! The song is sweet and fun and we like exploring a new side of Casey Abrams.

Listen to Casey Abrams, 'Get Out'