Season 10 'American Idol' colleagues Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams show off their smooth voices in the video for their duet 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.' The video depicts the singers getting serious to nail down the song in the studio, and also taking some time to goof off.

The clip features two separate scenes of the singers performing together in the studio. One scene is more casual, with black and white imagery showing the vocalists sharing the same microphone and singing with big smiles on their faces. The other studio scene shows the singers in formal attire, with Abrams in a suit and Reinhart looking stunning in a red dress as they trade lines on the jazz standard. In other shots, Abrams plays piano and upright bass.

The studio shots are cut with humorous outtakes in which Haley distracts Casey from playing the piano by wrapping holiday lights around him. They dance during instrumental passages and try on various winter hats and scarves to find just the right fit. They obviously enjoy each other's company; there's no faking that chemistry!

Its not clear if 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' will appear on Reinhart's R&B and jazz-influenced debut album, which she continues to record for Interscope.

Watch the Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Video