Poor Haley Reinhart. The 'American Idol' Season 10 contestant with the smoky voice absolutely butchered the Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' while performing it at the W Hotel in Hollywood last weekend.

It's a strange and rare misstep for the singer, since she spent an entire year covering other people's songs on the show. This should be old hat for her.

TMZ posted video of Reinhart botching the words, and on Michael Jackson's birthday, too. (That's today, Aug. 29, by the way!) The curly-cued songstress didn't seem to know hardly any of the lyrics.

But there is a silver lining to this karaoke black cloud. Reinhart, who has gone on to a somewhat successful post-'Idol' career on Interscope, adhered to the melody while she stumbled, and she gamely soldiered on, despite hecklers in the crowd shouting, "You don't know the words." Instead of stomping off stage or giving up, she tried to keep it going. So we'd pound fists with her for staying strong.

Another plus? The girl can sing and sounded awesome, even if she was spouting off lyrical nonsense.

She also appears to be reading the lyrics on her phone, but even that lifeline didn't do much to help her recover fully.

Even an 'American Idol' can flub a song once in a while. We won't hold it against her. We're just surprised that she didn't know the words to such a classic tune.

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