Neither One Direction, Justin Bieber nor 5 Seconds of Summer are American, which obviously means that we need to invite them all to our houses to chow down on turkey this holiday. Which artist would you invite to your Thanksgiving dinner?

We'd gladly set five extra places at our table if One Direction wanted to join us for an American Thanksgiving. (Or would we make them sit at the kid's table? Hmmm.) We'd put Harry in charge of the turkey, make Zayn work on the stuffing, have Liam make the mashed potatoes while Louis bakes the pumpkin pie. And poor Niall could open the can of cranberry sauce, because we don't really trust him around fire after the 'Night Changes' video.

Justin Bieber is Canadian, so he already celebrated Thanksgiving back in October. But since he's a guy, we're gonna go ahead and guess that he's always up for seconds. If JB was at our Thanksgiving table, we can just imagine him pranking everyone under the sun, even managing to rile up the grumpy uncle that everyone seems to have.

We'd give 5 Seconds of Summer 5 Seconds of Thanksgiving if they wanted to dine with us! We can just imagine Michael and Ashton fighting over the drumstick while Luke and Calum are busy stuffing their faces in a various assortment of holiday pies. Nom! We wouldn't even complain if they all passed out in a tryptophan-induced food coma afterwards.

Who would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner? Cast your vote for 1D, Justin Bieber or 5SOS in the poll below!

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