Renee Rapp was "obsessed" with Justin Bieber because he reminded her of a "really sexy lesbian."

The "Snow Angel" singer admitted the "Yummy" hit-maker is the only male celebrity she "ever had a crush on" but she eventually grew to realize she wasn't sexually attracted to him, she simply wanted to emulate his life and success.

Asked about her previous comment she wanted to be the bisexual Justin Bieber, she told The Hollywood Reporter: "That was my pitch of myself to my label. I was obsessed with him. He was the one boy celebrity, pretty much, [that] I ever had a crush on.

"And I realized, as I was getting older, I was like, 'Oh, I think I just want to be him.' Also, obsessed with him. Still. I’m a lesbian, but wow, do I love Justin Bieber. That boy is still cute to me, sorry. And he also, I think, has a similar [love] of R&B.

"He reminds me of a really sexy lesbian. Just the way he walks around and moves onstage and always has this demeanor that’s chill, sings his ass off, dresses really cool. That was just my pitch, and I got signed."

The Mean Girls star admitted her song "I Do" was written about the "complicated" feelings she had for her Sex Lives of College Girls co-star Alyah Chanelle Scott.

Asked who it was written about, she said: "My best friend Alyah, and I don’t even think I’ve ever told her that I wrote it about her.

"But I remember being like, 'I love you so much, and this feels so romantic in a platonic way, but I don’t understand how to explain it.' And I now know that it was so much more complicated in my sexuality.

"And I was like, 'Wait, you feel completely different to me than a boy does, and I love you. So am I in love with you?' I’m like, 'What?' And I now know that she’s just my rock, and I just don’t think I like boys."

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