Credited with putting artists like Kelly Clarkson, One Direction and Fifth Harmony on the map, there's no doubt Simon Cowell knows what he's doing. But when his days as supreme talent scout come to an end, who'll be a suitable heir to his throne? We might finally have our answer.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, whose own music career is the result of a successful reality competition show run, is gearing up to take over the X Factor franchise, she told Evening Standard magazine according to The MirrorShe's been a judge on the show off and on since 2008, and was named an executive producer this year.

"[Cowell] feels it's happening and he's proud of it," she said. "I love nurturing talent. It's what I want to do with my future, management, developing an artist."

She said Cowell has come to trust her opinion implicitly, as she can empathize with contestants in a way he can't. The singer's also credited with bumping up the show's age minimum from 14 to 16.

"I understand from both sides," she said. "I've learned from the execs how cutthroat it is, as well being a performer, which Simon doesn't because he's never done it."

X Factor's currently airing its twelfth season in the United Kingdom. Fernandez-Versini has been assigned to mentor the show's newest group acts, while Cowell will oversee the over-25 bunch.

Think Cheryl's got what it takes to be the new X Factor head honcho?

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