For the finale of Season 2 of 'The Glee Project,' the one and only Chris Colfer, aka Kurt Hummel on 'Glee,' served as the mentor to the remaining trio of contestants: Ali, Aylin and Blake.

The theme was 'Glee-ality,' since all three contestants needed to demonstrate that hard-to-define, but know-it-when-you-see-it quality, since they want to be on the show. Who better to embody the desire to be on 'Glee' than Colfer? He auditioned for the role of Artie, but he wasn't quite right for the part. However, after meeting with show runner Ryan Murphy, Colfer inspired the producer to create a role for him. And thus, Kurt, one-half of the most-beloved couple on the show, was born.

For the homework assignment, the last three hopefuls performed 'You Can't Stop the Beat' from the musical 'Hairspray.' The threesome had quite a talented crew of backup dancers in the form of their Season 2 castmates.

Colfer loved how Blake kept his intensity throughout the entire routine, while Aylin kept her voice up the entire time. Ali was celebrated for being such a cute "character" throughout. Colfer could not choose a winner, so he selected all three. They each got a mentoring session with him, which is no joke.

His advice to them was simple but poignant. "Whatever you guys do choose, [remember] you will be asked to do it for the rest of your lives," the actor said. "I will be doing 'Single Ladies' at bar mitzvahs until I'm in my 50s, so make sure you want it to be with you forever."

Colfer then helped each of the Final 3 choose their last chance song.