It's been a few years since Christina Milian released music, but the singer is back and gracing our ears with a new video, "Rebel."

The dreamy visual shows Christina enveloped in a billowing white sheet as she sings about being completely smitten with her man -- and ETonline confirms that "Rebel" was inspired by her relationship with Lil Wayne.

“It’s safe to say it is about the man in my life, yes,” Christina tells site. “There’s nothing better than that feeling of new chemistry when you’re so into someone and you could care less about what anyone else thinks … and there’s butterflies! It’s a real feeling that people experience.”

And in case there's any doubt about how Christina feels about her new boyf, the lyrics deliver the message loud and clear.

"I'm so comfortable, but this is terrible / Oh no, no, no. I'm in trouble now, I'm in trouble now," she sings. "But the sex feels so good / I'm like whatever now, whatever now / It's too late and I can't turn my back / on the future."

She's fallen so hard, in fact, that he's turned her into a bit of a rebel.

“For me, I’m so inspired by the relationship that I’m in that it’s definitely an experience," Christina tells ETonline of the song's title. "It’s that careless, hopeless, romantic love – that feeling of ‘I will do anything for you’ and it’s just incredible and so yeah, ‘rebel for you’ means ‘I’m all about you.’"

You can watch the video for the Weezy-inspired "Rebel" above!

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