The Country Music Association Awards reportedly deleted all evidence of Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks’ electrifying performance from their website and social media platforms earlier today (November 3) -- and they only re-posted references to the joint appearance after being called out by fans who noticed the sudden disappearance.

Video of Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks’ rendition of the Lemonade track “Daddy Lessons” was reportedly featured on the official website this morning, according to TMZ. But the site allegedly removed it after fans attacked the comments sections with racist vitriol.

Users accused Beyonce of being a “cop hater,” misinterpreting her Lemonade single “Formation” for a slight against police -- despite the fact that Beyonce has stated in the past she objects to police brutality, not cops in general.

"I mean, I'm an artist and I think the most powerful art is usually misunderstood. But anyone who perceives my message as anti-police is completely mistaken," she said in an interview with Elle. "I have so much admiration and respect for officers and the families of officers who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. But let's be clear: I am against police brutality and injustice. Those are two separate things.

"If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me," she continued.

TMZ goes on to report the CMA Awards ultimately caved to the pressure from fans and erased the performance from all social media platforms where users can leave comments, reportedly noting they “just want this to go away.”

They’ve since reblogged, retweeted and re-posted footage of "Daddy Lessons," but that reportedly didn't happen until fans explicitly called the CMA Awards out on the deletion.

The CMA Awards released a statement to E! News, however, denying the removal of any previous mentions of the Dixie Chicks and Beyonce's performance.

“CMA has not erased any mentions of Beyoncé’s performance on the CMA Awards. In advance of the broadcast, CMA removed a 5-second promotional clip from and CMA’s Facebook page," the statement read. "The promo was unapproved and CMA removed it prior to the broadcast. Beyoncé’s performance with Dixie Chicks was a highlight of the evening and we are continuing to share the amazing full-length performance clip via our official social channels.”

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