Oh, tis the Valentine's Day season which not everyone is always a fan. So why not have some cathartic fun with that ex that did you wrong? Hey, even a bully you had zero romantic ties with works too, or that jerk of a boss.

According to Riverside Reptiles in Enfield, Connecticut just south of Springfield, Massachusetts, they're holding a fundraiser that will hopefully help ease your pain, make you laugh, and bring out some cheering while raising money for a good cause.

According to Yankee Magazine, this education center and exhibit is home to more than 200 creatures from alligators to spiders to lizards, and turtles, many of which are endangered or were dumped as pets finding a safe haven in this New England zoo.

And then there are the snakes, many venomous, who are quite hungry to help ease any frustrations or pain you may have with this annual fundraiser.

Just $5 gets you one cockroach and then if you're up for it, you can watch the Riverside Reptiles staff feed your cockroach of an ex to one of their snakes live on Facebook on Valentine's Day at 4 pm.

Riverside Reptiles Education Center via Facebook
Riverside Reptiles Education Center via Facebook

Cockroaches are natural food for snakes so this quirky fundraiser is a way to do something unique and inexpensive while raising funds for animal care at Riverside Reptiles.

According to Riverside Reptiles, they protect some of our most feared reptiles with many of these maligned animals already in trouble because of habitat destruction, global warming, or as I mentioned above, discarded pets.

More than 20% of the world’s reptiles face extinction, according to PBS so everything we do matters, even if it's raising money for a small reptile sanctuary in New England.

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