It truly looks like a scene out of the many movies and television shows involving body heat-sensing cameras to find the latest target or suspects.

Only this time, it was the Massachusetts State Police in the Boston area who set up this military-style operation to seek out the two narcotics suspects involved in a crash.

In the video, you'll see and hear law enforcement officials on the ground and in the air while using infrared cameras to find the suspects, who are hiding behind a gigantic rock.

Meanwhile, there's traffic everywhere as you'll see because this happened during the late afternoon rush hour.

Here's the video with audio from the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page:

According to the Massachusetts State Police, two suspects fled the scene of a crash, and thanks to the infrared search (which senses body heat), authorities found the pair hiding on a rock formation in the town of Quincy which borders Boston. It all went down on three crazy, busy highways: I-93/Southeast Expressway, I-93/ Route 128, and Route 3 South.

The helicopter used in the search is equipped with a heat-sensing camera.

Troopers with the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing were assisting the Quincy police officers in the search for two narcotics suspects, who ran from a crash according to the Facebook post.

Trooper Timothy Hunt (the pilot of the helicopter) and Trooper Mason Oliveira (a tactical flight officer) were deployed to the scene to help the Quincy PD and did just that, finding the two suspects lying near the jam-packed highways attempting to hide according to Massachusetts State Police.

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