In case you didn't notice by this whole Vamps takeover we've been having (on Twitter and on Instagram, plus we showed you this video interview and our fun game of Pop Dive with them), we're 100% crushing on those boys right now. What better way to end the week than by seeing what Brad, James, Tristan and Connor are crushing on?

In the #Crushing video above, you'll see that we asked the Vamps about their current celebrity crushes, song crushes, movie crushes, TV crushes, food crushes and -- maybe best of all -- random crushes: things that you probably wouldn't ever think they'd be obsessed with, but believe it or not, they really are.

Spoiler: One member of the Vamps is really into belly buttons. We can't make this stuff up, folks. Watch the video and you'll guaranteed to learn quite a bit about the 'Last Night' group that you might not already know! Sit back, check it out and enjoy the clip.