Season 9's dreadlocked runner up Crystal Bowersox brought a whole mess o' twangy rock to tonight's elimination episode of 'American Idol.' With her acoustic guitar, cowboy boots and her signature knotty dreads tumbling across her shoulders, Bowersox was a firecracker.

The 'Idol' alum looked like she was lit from within as she effectively transported us back in time to just over a year ago when she was battling reigning champion Lee DeWyze! Tonight, Bowersox sang the jumpy, upbeat 'Ridin' With the Radio' and if you weren't sitting on your couch, tapping your toes and nodding your head while Bowersox played, then you must be deaf! Bowersox brought it tonight.

Pairing a flowy and flowery top with jeans, Bowersox is the same as she ever was: a lively, sometimes unexpected mix of soft and rough, sweet but edgy. She just oozes pizazz and sass, especially when she is on stage.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to hear any updates or chatter from Bowersox post-performance, as host Ryan Seacrest had to cut to a commercial so we could get to the results in a timely fashion. While we would have loved to catch up on the happenings in Bowersox's life, hearing her husky voice was good enough for us!

Watch Crystal Bowersox Perform 'Ridin' With the Radio' on 'American Idol'