They're back! The daddy/daughter duo who first brought us that crazy cute video of the two dancing to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' uploaded another video, and this time their soundtrack is the girl-power anthem 'Bo$$' by Fifth Harmony.

The best part of the video is undoubtedly how much fun they're having just letting loose and dancing around the room, but our favorite part of the video comes in the form of those awesome matching outfits. We can't confirm it for sure, but it definitely looks like the dad decided to go with similar color schemes as his daughter's dresses -- most of which are adorable princess costumes.

It's very cool that they chose this song, because just like 'Shake It Off' is all about not being afraid to be yourself, 'Bo$$' teaches young girls the importance of independence and really commanding respect from others. And one thing's for sure -- you're never too young to learn life lessons like those!

Watch their sweet dance moves in the video above!