Darren Criss, aka the swoon-worthy and stylish Blaine on 'Glee,' gamely covers Madonna's 'Dress You Up' from her 'Like a Virgin' album for the latest Fashion's Night promo spot.

Usher, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Michael Kors, the always fabulous Marc Jacobs and several other celebs and designers do their level best to remind fashionistas and shopaholics that FNO takes place on Thursday, Sept. 6, as Criss sings and dances to the song.

Swift also dances to the beat, looking adorbs while doing so.

While many Madge fans have clutched their hearts and gasped painfully, considering Criss' version of the song to be akin to butchery and a hatchet job, we don't think it sucks. At all.

The 'Glee' star is clearly having fun with the song, and he looks good. That's critical, since he is starring in a commercial for a global fashion event. Essentially, he's loyal to Madge's '80s-era original, but it does sound a bit different, simply because it is being crooned by a male voice as opposed to hers.

Remember, FNO takes place next Thursday on a global scale. Stars and celebs are all coming out for it, so if there are FNO events in your hood, you may as well partake in 'em. All the cool kids, with names like Swift, Bieber and Usher are doing it!

Oh, and while we have you, watch the Swift 'n' Biebs FNO commercial here.

What do you think, PopCrushers? How did Darren Criss do with 'Dress You Up?' Thumbs up or down?