Since joining 'Glee' as the head Warbler Blaine -- who is now a McKinley High Titan -- Darren Criss has been catapulted into mega-stardom. In a new interview with Billboard, the 24-year-old actor/musician dished on where Kurt and Blaine are headed this season, his feature film debut alongside Kristen Wiig and Annette Bening and what's up with his solo record.

"As for playing Blaine, whether or not I show up at work at Dalton or at McKinley -- I'm in a very lucky position, whereby I genuinely enjoy the people I get to work with in both places. I'm close with the Warblers, and I love the McKinley kids ... except one. One who I can't stand. And we'll never know who I'm talking about ... or will we? dun dun dun ...," Criss teased.

Following Tuesday night's 'The Purple Piano Project' season premiere, we suspect that the former Warbler will really butt heads with Finn this season, but he doesn't think his feud will come between him and his leading man. "I think Blaine and Kurt are pretty solid as of now," Criss admitted. "But then again, we have 22 episodes coming up this season, so who knows what might get in their way. I say, bring it on! Blaine and Kurt are a force to be reckoned with, I feel so lucky that I get to be part of such a killer duo."

Lucky is right. 'Glee' has opened new doors for the musical star, like, you know, that little movie deal. Criss will appear in the 2013 release 'Imogene,' alongside Wiig, Bening and the rumored Matt Dillon. The flick just finished filming, and the 'Glee' star is already blue about parting ways with the cast.

"I wrapped last week and I'm kinda bummed about it, I had such a good time. It was like getting paid to go to grad school," he said. "I was in a master class with artists that I aspire to and truly admire, it made every second of work a complete joy. I never wanted to leave at the end of the day."

But now that his movie debut is wrapped, Criss can focus on his long-time-coming solo album. "When I'm not trying to do a TV show in L.A., a Broadway musical in New York, and my laundry at home!" he said when asked when we can expect the record. "Actually, the truth is that I'm always writing, rewriting and recording musical ideas at home or at work. If anything, there's actually already an album out there in my mind, it's a matter of whittling down a large collection of tunes into one, cohesive album I'd be proud of."

With 'Imogene' and Darren's solo effort still a ways away, we'll just have to 'settle' for new episodes of 'Glee' for the time being. Episode 2, 'I Am Unicorn,' airs on Sept. 27 on Fox.