As expected, 'Glee' came back for Season 3 with a bang, answering all of our summer questions within a few minutes of 'The Purple Piano Project' season premiere.

Now that we know Tina and Artie are juniors, and Mike, Finn, Kurt, Rachel Santana and Brittany are seniors, we have a better handle on where everyone is headed (or not), and for the older crowd, what the glee kids want to be when they grow up.

Yes, Mercedes and Sam dated, but that is like, so yesterday -- she's got a new man! Marcus made his introduction in Ep. 1, and we couldn't be happier to see that the new year will bring many new relationships. Emma and Will are by no means excluded, and their love is as fresh as the newly-cleaned chalkboards.

After a rough spring trip to Nationals, the glee club coach is going to push his New Directions as far as they will go this semester. He placed three purple pianos (hence the title) randomly around the school, and instructed his students to play them when they see them, because, like always, he wants to recruit new glee club members. Sure enough, when a big Barney piano popped in the lunch room, New Directions had no choice but to jump on the beat -- the Go-Go's 'We Got the Beat,' of course. All of the kids danced on the lunch tables and gave their best high kicks in hopes to attract some new candidates, but unsurprisingly, they had no luck in that subject, but got an A+ in food fighting in the end.

Quinn was MIA for the first few minutes of 'TPPP,' but when she showed up, she really made an entrance. In addition to her hot pink hairdo, the former cheerleader was rocking a Ryan Seacrest tattoo and a newfound hankering for the dark side. With a new look and a new attitude, she made it clear that she is by no means going to join the Cheerios again -- or the glee club. Like always, Sue spent the episode threatening the arts, which put Will in a feisty mood. Though, with Santana back on her cheer squad (with Becky as co-captain), she might actually have a little more fuel than usual.

Later, in the school auditorium, Kurt rolled a big lavender piano onto the stage to get Rachel in the Broadway spirit. Together, in witch hats, they rocked Barbra Streisand's 'Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ from 'The Wizard of Oz,' complete with character voices.

Because love is in the air, Blaine couldn't stay away from McKinley High for too long. It was a pleasant surprise when he showed up in the hallway and revealed that he's made his transfer from Dalton, saying goodbye to the rival competitors, the Warblers. To introduce himself to the school, he hired the cheerleading squad and jazz band to back him on a killer solo performance of 'It's Not Unusual' (Tom Jones). Though he wanted fireworks, he unfortunately got fire, as a cigarette sent one of the purple pianos up in flames in the courtyard.

Lindsay Pearce of 'The Glee Project' made her debut as 'the Gerber baby' at a drama-filled pre-college meeting that Kurt and Rachel attended. They were floored by the similarities they discovered in this new group, which truly did cast an uncanny likeness to the two of them. 'The Glee Project' guest-star put her best foot forward in her first of two episode spots, leading her team with a double musical number, ‘Anything Goes / Anything You Can Do’  from ‘Anything Goes’ / ‘Annie Get Your Gun.' Unfortunately, now that they've seen what else is out there, McKinley's drama queens are questioning whether their talent flies as high as they thought.

When Mr. Schue brought Blaine into the choir room for the first time, Finn expressed his fear that Mr. Warbler would expect all of the bells and whistles -- and flames -- he was used to. We were all shocked when we found out that Santana was actually the one who burned the piano, and Will kicked her out of glee club for being disloyal. Rachel brought a fresh perspective and a new desire to dance to her peers with 'You Can't Stop the Beat' from 'Hairspray.' After her intro, the club took it to the auditorium sporting all Justin Bieber purple and shakin' their groove things, which was just enough to keep our engines going for another all new episode.

During her announcement, Rachel declared that 'West Side Story' would be perfect for a music production, and we think we know where we're headed in next week's 'I Am Unicorn' episode. See you then!