Since 'The Glee Project' is such a densely packed show, we're recapping by segment moving forward. This week, contestants were asked to show their 'Vulnerability.' Cue the celestial choirs, since none of the bottom three (Lily, Charlie and Mario) were sent home. They all got a call back.

To catch you up, Maxfield and Dani were sent home during the first two weeks, while Taryn quit of her own accord during the second ep. Taryn quitting eliminated a need for a, well, elimination.

For Episode 3, the contestants were asked to demonstrate their vulnerability. It's a challenging emotion and concept, one that required a good amount of openness, something that a few of the hopefuls struggled with.

Homework Assignment: The remaining hopefuls performed Kelly Clarkson's 'My Life Would Suck Without You.' It was quality.

Mentor: Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson, on the show, offered a key piece of advice on how to properly display vulnerability. He said, "You have to tap into what makes you feel uncomfortable as a person, so you can bring it to the role. If it's real for you, it's real for the audience." Nice advice, Finn, er , Cory! Nellie, the pixie, won the homework assignment, so she got one-on-one time with Monteith. He gave her some tips when filming emotional scenes for the show.

Music Video: 'Everybody Hurts' by rock band R.E.M. was the music video, which centered on the epidemic of bullying. Some of the contestants talked about their history with bullying, with Tyler revealing that he is a half-black, Jewish transvestite, which meant he was an easy target. Shanna's mother was a drug addict, so people called her a "crack baby." Aylin revealed she was called a terrorist, since she was the only Muslim in her school. Lily revealed she was the bully in middle school, which was a twist. When she saw 'Mean Girls,' she repented for her sins, offering apologies to those whose lives she made a living hell. During the filming, Charlie tried so hard to get into character that he grabbed blind Mario's cane, which was crossing a boundary and a "no no." The producers reminded the hopefuls that 'The Glee Project' is boot camp, so they need to shape up or ship out.

Last Chance: Lily got her neo-soul on by singing 'Mercy' by Duffy. Afterwards, she burst into tears, saying she doesn't show vulnerability since she always has to be "on" and rock it because she is 240 lbs. Well, she demonstrated her softer side right there. It was the moment where she cracked her shell. Charlie sang 'Fix You' by Coldplay. Ryan Murphy loved that he couldn't tell where Charlie would go with each and every note, which prevents the show from being karaoke. Mario performed 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and it was pretty. He was in the bottom because he responds so negatively to criticism.

With Taryn out and Murphy intrigued by all three, they were each spared.

Also, here's our one-sentence rundown for each hopeful, some of which we saw more of than others.

Michael: He's blending in.
Charlie: He struggled with direction.
Abraham: That shock of pink hair makes him stand out
Ali: She's a bit too expressive with her face when performing.
Mario: His pitch is always under in the studio.
Shanna: She is always in the top!
Tyler: Finally! He wasn't in the bottom!
Aylin: She remains perky as ever.
Nellie: She needs to "commit" a little more but fears making a fool of herself, which is the whole point.
Blake: He is unanimously the best actor
Lily Mae: She's showing some diva attitude...again. She had technical issues aka she can't lip sync.

Watch the Cast Perform R.E.M.'s 'Everybody Hurts'