The swoontastic Samuel Larsen was the first of the two main winners of 'The Glee Project,’ with a seven episode arc on the way for season 3. The dreadlocked dreamboat engaged in a little chat where he took fan questions and addressed the subject of romance on the set of the reality competition series.

Larsen discussed “romance,” admitting that "it wasn't like we were hooking up," but people had boyfriends and girlfriends back home that they kept in touch with. But as for falling in love with each other? That didn’t happen! Larsen did acknowledge that 'Glee' is about both singing and acting skills and having to create chemistry with castmates. He said, "When I had to do 'Don't You Want Me' with Marissa, I was hanging out with her the entire time to get more friendly so we could do it better.”

Larsen also revealed that if show creator and producer Ryan Murphy told him he had to lose the dreads, he would gladly hack ‘em off! "I’d be stoked. I am over them at this point. I’d buzz my head. It’d be a party," he said. Funny, it’s the dreads that make Samuel unique, so we doubt Murphy would force the singer/actor to make like a cue ball and cut off his signature locks!

Larsen also spoke about his biggest challenge on the show -- when he had to sing for Murphy for the second time during a last chance session. It was a Broadway number, and Sammy don’t do Broadway! "It was tricky,” the winner admitted.

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