Daughtry delivered a much needed dose of emotion and rock edginess to the Nokia Theatre stage at the 2011 American Music Awards. Chris Daughtry led his rock outfit through the band's track 'Crawling Back to You,' with the guys putting on an electrifying and pyrotechnic-filled performance for the AMA viewers.

When Daughtry began to perform 'Crawling Back to You' at the Los Angeles award show, the stage was dimly lit by a few a beams of light projecting from the back of the stage. Chris Daughtry not only sounded great, but he and the rest of the Daughtry dudes looked great in their all-black suits. As 'Crawling Back to You' picked up, so did the guys' energy and stage show, with a smoky, fiery stage and post-apocalyptic scenery reflecting the song's weighty words and emotional music.

Chris Daughtry's vocal were more than on-point and the entire Daughtry outfit had unbelievable stage presence. With help from his fellow musicians, the frontman sang the 'Crawling Back to You' lyrics with every inch of his being. In addition to Chris Daughtry's powerful performance, the dilapidated quality of the scenery and blazing stage were also great visual aids for the song, which boasts lines like: "Lessons learned, bridges burned to the ground / And it's too late now to put out the fire."

Watch Daughtry Perform at the 2011 American Music Awards