Daughtry have released a brand-new single called 'Crawling Back to You,' from their upcoming third studio album.

The enormous success of the group's first two records suggests that Daughtry probably wouldn't be eager to tweak too much, and they don't. That means familiar downcast verses that open up into a soaring chorus from singer Chris Daughtry, fourth-place finisher on 'American Idol' in Season 5.

Daughtry sings about running back to an ex: "Lessons learned, bridges burned to the ground / And it's too late now to put out the fire / Tables turned, I'm the one who's burning now / Well, I'm doin' alright 'til I close my eyes / And then I see your face and it's no surprise / Just like that, I'm crawling back to you."

Daughtry bring back pop-rock producer of the moment Howard Benson, who helmed their first two albums. 'Crawling Back to You' isn't very creative, but we admit it's likely to satisfy those who are already fans of the group.

Perhaps there's something to be said for finding a successful sound and sticking with it. But 'Crawling Back to You' sounds like every Daughtry song we've ever heard. Is a little artistic growth too much to ask?

Listen to Daughtry, 'Crawling Back to You'