'American Idol' fans may be pleased to hear that a new David Archuleta love song has surfaced called 'Everything and More.'

The new song doesn't appear on Archuleta's most recent release 'The Other Side of Down,' so it may be a track for a future record or one that missed the cut for that album. Archuleta reportedly co-wrote the track with Victoria Horn, but that's not something he should be bragging about, because the piano ballad features cliche-laden lyrics that don't really say anything at all.

The Season 7 'Idol' runner-up sings, "There's no turning back from this point / Reaching heights like never before / Nothing can touch us / We're everything and more."

If Archuleta is going to release a sappy ballad, it should at least showcase his powerful vocals, but, aside from a little falsetto, 'Everything and More' doesn't even do that. You can just imagine Randy and Simon scolding the young man for not choosing better material.

It's hard to figure who Archuleta's target audience is with this track. The 20-year-old seems to be singing for listeners three times his age. Ballads are fine, but he'll need to sound at least a little more contemporary if he wants to stay relevant.

The singer was dropped by his record label in February and promised to take his music in a new direction. Hopefully, he has something better on the way.

Listen to David Archuleta, 'Everything and More'