Former 'American Idol' contestant David Archuleta is partnering with POND's to perform in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 16 as part of the POND's TeensConcert. Archuleta was the runner up on Season 7, losing to David Cook, in case your memory is fuzzy.

The singer answered fan questions via a video chat, where he smiled the entire time. His grin was plastered across his face! Archuleta is barely out of his teens and looks it, and he speaks in a way that makes you believe that he loves his fans and cannot wait to hop that plane to Indonesia. We wonder, though, if his cheeks hurt from all that smiling. It's sort of adorable.

He pointed out that the event is special since "it's a positive thing for teenagers. I like to be a part of positive things for teenagers." He wants to meet the fans in the region, but most of all, his goal is to inspire teenagers to have confidence to pursue music as a career, just like he did.

"I want to showcase the hidden talents and let them not be afraid to be in the spotlight," he said, “I hope I can be a testament that there’s a way to bring out those talents inside of you and what you love to do."

Archuleta also said he has thought about coming to Indonesia for quite some time, but it didn't work out because of scheduling. Now is the perfect time for him to roll through and for a good cause, to boot.

Archuleta also said that he hopes to get to know Indonesian girls during his visit, since a fan actually asked what his thoughts are about the local ladies! What a cute (and not to mention diplomatic) answer. He was not being naughty; he said he wants to meat all his fans in the area, but he was specifically asked about the girls.

Watch David Archuleta Answer Fan Questions