Another song from David Guetta's upcoming album 'Nothing But the Beat' has surfaced. This one is called 'Without You' and it features an assist from Usher. Guetta is only the hottest DJ on the scene today and he's making effective use of his friends in high places and churning out rad music because of it.

'Without You' is a light, hands-in-the-air and somewhat ethereal song lamenting a heavy subject: Life without someone who means the world to you. The nuances and studio enhancements to the vocals are subtle; it's echoes and layering, but not too much trickery. When they sing "I've lost my mind without you" and "I'm paralyzed without you," the words are clear as bells. The heft of the words juxtaposed against the feathery music works and allows the song to remain bouyant and well, not a downer despite its unhappy musings.

There's an abundance of hand claps and a dreamy vibe present in the song. The choruses invite lots of dancing, but this isn’t much of clubby rager. Structurally, the song reminds us of Madonna's 'Ray of Light'; that's not to suggest that 'Without You' sounds like 'Ray of Light,' but it shares the same formula and airy energy.

Guetta and Usher debuted the song live in Ibiza.

Listen to David Guetta Feat. Usher 'Without You'