Of the many dazzling things about the Duffer Brothers' Netflix series Stranger Things — the bottomless movie references! the heart-exploding talent of the cast's child actors! Eleven! — its music is another standout. Particularly the main Stranger Things theme song, which evokes '70s and '80s horror vibes with its mesmerizing synths while remaining a gorgeous composition absent of context. The song clearly captured producer/Internet rabble-rouser Deadmau5's interest too, as he recreated it from scratch in a Twitch.tv stream this week.

Deadmau5, who often loves to share his tinkering and noodling with his obsessive "horde" of fans online, recorded his handiwork in a two-and-a-half-hour studio session. Scrubbing through the video reveals that he reverse engineered the original theme by the show's composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (NME has an interview with the musicians about creating the Stranger Things soundtrack here). The results are pretty satisfying, and he even puts a little boom-bap twist into it around the 54-minute mark. REEEMIIIIIIX! Watch above.

You can finally, blessedly buy Volume 1 of the Stranger Things soundtrack, since Netflix released it to iTunes on August 12, with more to come. BRB — listening to "Nancy and Barb" on repeat.

Sample the Stranger Things, Volume 1 soundtrack via Apple Music below:

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