Forget Bravo's Real Housewives series—if you're hankering for some over-the-top table-flipping drama, the leading men of EDM have you covered and you'll find it on Twitter, not TV.

Zedd and Diplo are feuding on Twitter yet again, this time over... M&Ms.

In celebration of the iconic candy's 75th anniversary this year, Mars hired superstar DJ Zedd along with honey-voiced "Wake Me Up" singer Aloe Blacc to create a modern remix of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory classic tune, "The Candyman."

While the branded collaboration has largely flown under the radar since debuting back in February, it resurfaced in a big way last night (March 21) when American DJ and producer Diplo stumbled upon it and became strangely offended, launching into a profanity-laden attack against Zedd.

Tweeting the video for "Candyman" at the Grammy Award-winning Russo-German DJ, Diplo asked, "wtf is this?" before accusing Zedd of ripping off another producer, Flume,in the pursuit of a money bag emoji.

In response, Zedd called Diplo "a jealous little b***h," asking the other DJ to "do us all a favor and just shut the f*** up."

In a series of additional since-deleted tweets, the two superstar producers continued to trade barbs, with Diplo reportedly calling Zedd "a pompous cornball loser" before telling him "also I f***ed your girl" (wait, what?) and then, finally, ending it with this poignant and relatable remark:

However, despite Diplo's final sign-off, the argument imploded upon itself once Deadmau5, legendary for his many public spats with other artists and celebrities, threw himself into the mix. The electronic producer basically called Diplo a hypocrite for collaborating with Justin Bieber, among other ramblings:

While all is quiet on the Twitter front now, it's probably only a matter of time before these boys start throwing their toys around again. And if you're so inclined to hear the tune that started this whole mess in the first place, you can watch the video for Zedd and Aloe Blacc's "Candyman" collaboration, below:

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