Ever since Skrillex collaborated with Diplo and Justin Bieber on their summer smash "Where Are Ü Now," deadmau5 has taken a disapproving public stance toward his former collaborator and friend Sonny Moore. In August, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) mocked Bieber via Twitter over remarks from Bieber's interview with The New York Times. And in November, Zimmerman and Moore unleashed an all-out Twitter war of insults like the adults that they are.

Now, deadmau5 has returned to the battle with a new video that attempts to clarify his beef with Skrillex. Whatever good intentions Zimmerman may have had in creating the video quickly disappear as he launches into yet another vicious attack on Bieber. The most awkward aspect of the video isn't deadmau5's excessive swearing (although that's grating as well); it's the fact that he seems to be conversing with/responding to someone off-screen and directs his attention accordingly.

The video begins with deadmau5 expressing his disbelief that "Justin Bieber is the best-selling f--king s--t to ever come out of the f--king United States." After criticizing Bieber for not being Canadian enough, deadmau5 then insults Bieber's new album Purpose on the grounds that it's not actually his album; it's just got his name on it.

"I can accept that his album is probably good. I have no qualms with that," deadmau5 clarifies. "I know decent production when I hear it. That's not what I'm mad about. What I'm mad about is that none of it's this little f--king d--khead's." In his opinion, the album belongs to everyone but Bieber: Skrillex and "god knows who."

But deadmau5 doesn't actually hate Skrillex, guys. That whole Twitter fight was just a misunderstanding. What Deadmau5 hates is that "he allowed himself to be a goddamn tool for someone else." "But I can't be too much of an ass about it," deadmau5 continues, because Skrillex likes what he's doing. Too little too late, don't you think?

Watch the full video above, and let's wait to see whether Skrillex or Bieber make the next move in this never-ending digital altercation.

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