Are you ready to go 'Nuclear?' Too bad if you're not, because it's here. The brand new Destiny's Child track will appear on their just-announced 'Love Songs' album, a collection of their most romantic tracks from 1997 through 2004, which drops on Jan. 29. It's the first taste of music from the trio, comprised of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, since they split in 2005.

The Pharrell Williams-produced song is butter smooth R&B, devoid of any room-filling vocal acrobatics by Bey, unquestionably the most famous member of the group then and now. But it's not Beyonce and the Supremes here -- each Destiny lady has equal time to let her silky, rich and celestial vocals shine.

It's a sweet and sexy track with some harmonizing. Overall, it is rooted in the '90s R&B sound, with a shimmering backbeat. There's some bursts of breath that aren't so much vocals as they are somewhat erotic noises emitted by the girls, and they are sultry and humanizing.

On first listen, 'Nuclear' was a little underwhelming. By the second listen, it grows on you, when you realize they sing about "how we keep our s--- together." You're like, "Damn, Desinty's got attitude." By the third spin, you'll find yourself shuffling and grooving. It's not an instant "I loved it on first listen" track, but by the time you've digested it more than once, you'll love it.

It's a romantic, snuggle-by-the-fire song, anti-'Bootylicious' dance jam --- and that's fine with us. It's refined, polished and heavenly.

With all this Destiny's Child activity -- the 'Love Songs' album, the Super Bowl reunion, the release of 'Nuclear' and even Justin Bieber referencing them in 'As Long as You Love Me' -- we're thinking something more permanent could be in the works. You never know. Ladies?

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