Update, 2/9/16: A new theory posits that Diddy and Cassie broke up over the discovery of possibly-fake texts between Diddy and a serial catfish, who posed as a definitely-fake Bad Boy signee named Seriya. Confused? You should be. Buzzfeed attempts to unravel the web of lies, allegedly spun by the same person who invented Ariana Grande-based impostor Lucia Cole. 

2015 saw the end of several Hollywood power couples, but Diddy and Cassie remained one rock-solid pair...or so we thought.

The mogul and the model-singer sparked rumors of an engagement in 2014, and earlier this year we got a stylized, slightly-more-intimate-than-necessary look at their passion in an ad for Diddy's 3AM fragrance. But Cassie recently posted a meme to her Instagram account that suggested she's back on the market, and paparazzi caught Diddy on a sex shop outing with his ex.

In a post that's since been deleted (screencap via Bossip), Cassie shared a photo of a napping baby with an all-caps overlay that said, "How I sleep knowing that I'm single and nobody cheating on me." True to Cassie's life, or is she just a fan of baby-related memes about shady biz?


Cassie has recently been living in South Africa shooting Honey 3 (related: There's apparently going to be a Honey 3). Meanwhile, as Bossip also pointed out earlier last week, Diddy was photographed by paparazzi at Hollywood's Hustler store with Kim Porter. Diddy shares three biological children with Porter; maybe they sell kids' toys amid the sex toys?

Cassie and Diddy were circumspect about their relationship status for several years; it stands to reason they'd be equally reticent to share news of a breakup. Here's hoping it's all a big misunderstanding — our hearts can't take another celebrity breakup in the last few weeks of the year.


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