Diggy Simmons has something to prove. As a rap prodigy of his famous dad, Rev. Run of Run-DMC fame, he's feeling the pressure of living up to his rap pedigree. Naysayers are coming out of the woodworks and praying for his downfall, but Diggy is brushing the haters off his shoulders.

On 'Just Begun,' the 16-year-old MC is ready to be in the spotlight and vowing to reach the pinnacle of the rap game. "It's about time / Y'all give me my shine / Y'all give me my props / 'Cause I won't not stop / You say you can out rap / I highly doubt that / I gotta large stake in this game / No Outback," he spits on the D'Mile-produced track.

Diggy seems confident that he going change the rap game and we don't doubt him at all. He recently finished recording his still-untitled debut album for Atlantic Records and he's currently strategizing what his first single is going to be. Furthermore, he will hit the road on the Scream Tour this fall with Mindless Behavior, the New Boys, Jacob Latimore and the OMG Girlz.

Counting him out? Never, Diggy has only just begun.

Listen to Diggy, 'Just Begun'