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We can't exactly say we saw the Fifth Harmony - WWE pairing coming at first, but having watched the troupe effortlessly belt out "America The Beautiful" in front of a stadium full of tens of thousands of newfound Harmonizers at last night's Wrestlemania, it's clear that 5H fits in perfectly with the wrestling world.

And one Harmony, in particular, was living out all of her greatest fantasies: Dinah Jane.

With a little vocal coaching assistance from The Rock (you might also know him as Dwayne Johnson), the "Work From Home" pop superstar did her best to imitate (alright, lip sync) the wrestler's iconic catchphrase backstage at the event — a truly magical moment that has, thankfully, been captured on camera for all of us to see.

"Had a little help with one of my favorite phrases by some cool dude with big muscles & tribal tattoos .. many of you may know him as "The People's Champ .. @therock by yours truly 💪🏽 Dwayne Johnson!! "If you smell ... What the ROCK is cookin? " .. Thank you for teaching me your BOSS ess ways !!!!!," Dinah excitedly wrote on Instagram.

"And thank you for an ELECTRIFYING RECORD BREAKING NIGHT!!! You are amazing as always !! Maybe next time you'll teach me how to do the ROCK BOTTOM on some of these somama Bitxxchs lol !! I love you always pops #Wrestlemania32 #WWE"

We second that lesson request: Can we please see Dinah Jane layeth the smacketh down on someone's candy ass next Wrestlemania?