Are you ready to rumble? Why yes, if you're ready to #BuyWorkFromHomeOniTunes.

Sure, the fabulous fivesome known as Fifth Harmony might not be the first act you'd peg to be standing in front of tens of thousands of beer-guzzling dudes looking for some hot, sweaty, muscle-headed fun at Wrestlemania 32 down in Dallas at the AT&T Stadium this evening (April 3) — but then again, these ladies are about that life. (This is the life, life, life.)

Besides, we already know Camila can throw bows.

Fifth Harmony Punch GIF

True to their namesake, 5H harmonized the eff out of a piano-led rendition of "America The Beautiful" in front of what was almost surely an intimidating crowd. But judging by the raucous cheers and happy-go-lucky flag flying at the end of their performance, the girls have no reason for concern. In fact, they just won themselves an arena full of 80,000+ new fans ready to pre-order 7/27 on iTunes.

"Stone Cold who? Oh my God, slay me Lauren!" one man in the crowd drunkenly shouted, probably.

It's all so wonderfully elegant and dignified, especially when considering that someone almost surely got slapped across the face with a metal folding chair just a few moments later. America the Beautiful, indeed!

The only thing that would have made this performance a little bit better is if Ally ran down into the ring, grabbed a mic and challenged Little Mix to a tag-team steel cage match to the death. But hey, maybe next year!

Watch Fifth Harmony render an entire arena full of rowdy dudes into stone-cold Harmonizers up top.

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