What do YOU know 'bout this life? Allow Fifth Harmony to fill you in.

If ever there were a track catered specifically to turn(t)ing up with friends, sipping Mai Tais poolside (non-alcoholic, right ladies?) and/or chilling by the beach in Dubai, it's "The Life," 5H's new banger available tomorrow as an instant grat upon pre-order of their upcoming sophomore record, 7/27. It arrived a little early today, because #Harmonizers.

And oh, does it instantly grat.

Kicking off with a band name call-out straight out of the JaYsOon DeruUuUlLoOo school of self-awareness ("Fifth Harmony, yeah"), the slick pop bop glides along cool synth waves and big ol' bouncy beats in an #unapologetically cocky ode to living that lay-lay-lay-lyfe. We've come such a long way from the "Me & My Girls" slumber party. Give it up for the kids!

"This is the life, life, life / This is the life, life, life" the girls repeat ad nauseam — perhaps a very subtle nod to Inner City's "Good Life"? I'm overthinking it, but maybe.

In any case, 5H are seriously feeling themselves with this one...hard: "Eating good, getting lit / Living life, feeling rich / We the best in the biz." C'mon, aspirations!

Start prepping your summer playlists accordingly: THIS IS THE LYFE LYFE LYFE.

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